Amos Larkins Presents Party Time 1
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When Henry Stone selected Connie to record Funky Little Beat, written by Amos Larkins II and  I.J. Stone, he thrust the young singer onto the International music scene. "Funky Little Beat" which debuted at #44 on Billboard's Hot Dance Music\Maxi-Singles Sales chart, is considered one of the most important singles of Latin Freestyle music. Funky Little Beat appears on the self-titled album CONNIE, and the BEST OF CONNIE CD, as well as collectible 12" discs.
Connie, from funky little beat to latin-freestyle raggaeton
Connie released LETS PARTY in 2006 mixing her funky little beat and raggaeton styles
The Best of (Funky Little Beat) is a digitally remastered version of Connie's debut self-titled album and was released on in December 2008
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The freestyle diva Connie has 
reunite with producer Amos Larkins and the two have emerged with an amazing brand new 10 track album. Larkins wrote and produced the album himself, with all the tracks written specifically for Connie's unique voice and singular style.
THE BEST OF (Funky Little
Beat) (2008) features all of the
original songs from Connie's
1986 debut album, CONNIE
digitally remastered and 
available to purchase or
download on
Connie released LET'S PARTY
in 2006, revealing a fierce Latin
twist and new "funky beat style"
combining Raggaeton, Cumbia.
Merengue and R & B. Listen up!